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    RTP Pipe Extrusion Line

    • Product introduction
    • Technical parameters

    RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) Extrusion Line Description:

    In the harshest environments, thermoplastic pipes play a critical role, delivering oil, gas, and other vital resources to consumers around the world. To get the job done, these piping products must be efficient, economical and reliable. And they must ensure safety and minimize risk of leaks and contamination. These requirements call for the toughest reinforcement materials. Reinforcement materials that can ensure maximum performance in the toughest environments imaginable. Materials that prevent corrosion, reduce weight and increase flexibility. 

    Advantage of RTP Pipe:

    High pressure: The compressive strength is 20 times that of plastic and its composite pipes with the same wall thickness, and 10 times that of metal welded pipes;
    Thin wall: Similar to the wall thickness and inner diameter of metal pipes (using steel pipe design), the flow rate is increased by more than 30% than that of metal pipes, and the flow rate is increased by more than 20% than that of plastic pipes with the same specifications and outer diameters;
    Durable: Last to more than 80 years of long-term use, it is 1.6 times that of plastic pipes, 5 times of steel wire frame pipes, 4 times of metal pipes lined with plastic pipes, and 8 times of metal pipes;
    Light weight: The weight of the pipe is 20% of the metal pipe, 50% of the plastic pipe, and 40% of the plastic composite pipe, which is convenient for manual handling and installation, and reduces the cost of hoisting machinery and equipment;
    Fast installation: Fast connection speed, saving installation labor and time by more than 50% compared with metal pipes;
    Cost effective: The overall cost of the piping system is lower than that of metal pipes, and less expensive than other plastics and their composite pipes.

    Advantage of BEIER RTP Pipe Extrusion Line:

    Intelligent operation system: online reading key performance figure and adjustable remotely.
    Automatic haul-off system:  automatic continuous traction and winding of the fiber tape to the plastic pipe, reducing the manual intervention when replacing the glass fiber disc and the generation of waste pipe.
    Automatic fiber renewal system: For the first time, the intelligent on-line glass fiber tape automatic renewal is realized. Through the control system, two or more winding machines are controlled to cooperate with each other, alternately enter the working area and position the previous glass fiber tape head and continue to connect with high precision.
    Patented heating system: The high-efficiency and innovatively designed heating can simultaneously heat multiple glass fiber tapes and plastic pipes arranged side by side.
    Online fitting forming system: at the end stage of extrusion, our system can form the shape of the cutting part for further fitting connection.

    Types of BEIER RTP Pipe Extrusion Line:

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