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    The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

    Product List

    16-2500mm PE high speed high efficiency extrusion solution

    • Product introduction
    • Technical parameters
    PE pipe application:
    polyethylene is now in widespread use in many industries particularly industrial piping systems, including underground gas and water pipelines, where it is the dominant material.
    a-The optimum spiral bush highly improves the output of extruder
    b-Accurate temperature control system ensures material melting performance
    c-Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high quality products
    d-Precisely designed gearbox with a high torsion guarantees stable running
    e-H sharp frame to decrease vibrating of extruder
    f-Advanced PLC operation system realizes synchronization and high quality products
    g-Adopt automatic water temperature &level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks
    h-Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars
    i-Provide saw &chip free cutting options
    j-Low energy consumption, excellent performance, and easy maintenance

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    BEIER Machinery
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