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    The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

    Product List

    φ200-φ1600 large diameter plastic pipe full-automatic crusher unit

    • Product introduction
    • Technical parameters
    This machine is used for crushing waste large-diameter pipes such as HDPE pipes and PVC pipes; it is composed of five parts pipe stake coarse crusher belt conveyor fine crusher and packing system.
    1. The operation of this unit is fully automatically workers can control the machine in long distance.
    2. The blades adopt high quality alloy steel which can stand huge impact. The interval between rotary and fixed blade can adjust and the blades can reuse after sharpened.
    3. There is a feeding inlet on the top of fine crusher so that some leftover material can be feed into crusher from this inlet.
    4. This unit is of high efficiency low consumption compact configuration and the crushing range is 160---2000mm (pipe diameter).

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