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    The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

    Jiangsu Beier Machinery wins the honor of " Little Giant Enterprise in Jiangsu 2018"

    Time:2018-07-11 15:15

    Congratulations to Jiangsu Beier Machinery winning the honor of " Provincial advantage enterprise in science and technology 2018", or so called "little giant enterprise". Technological innovation can stimulates the development vitality of companies. Jiangsu Beier Machinery takes the lead in synergizing the "foreign intelligence" into the industry, bringing significant changes to the company's product improvement, reform, optimization. Thanks to the great contribution of international and domestic talent engineers, Beier Machinery has made great progress in management, manufacturing and R&D. Now Beier Machinery is the top 4 supplier in domestic extrusion industry and leading brand in the field of plastic recycling . Our products serviced hundreds of plastic companies over 85 nations and regions worldwide, generated great value for our client to develop business in different field.
    Our mission is to provide leading solutions to our customers with our sincere attitude, both in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Our vision is achieve the goal of top global plastic machinery system manufacturer. As the vice president unit of the China plastics machinery industry association, we work closely with up & down stream business partners, as well as build up long term strategy partnership with international and domestic universities and institutions. We aspire the best combination of theoretical research, practical applications and mass production, in order to explore a sustainable development path toward success.

    This week, JEITC (Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission) has announced a list of most advantage enterprise in science and technology 2018, or so called "little giant enterprise", which include 173 companies in Jiangsu. The purpose of this honor is to encourage companies who have characters in "professional, specific, unique, innovative".
    The head of the commission said" The government of Jiangsu province will offer more support and policies to those potential awarded companies, in order to incubate them from little giant to monolith in the future.

    JEITC (Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission) starts to organize and execute the incubation program of Little Giant Enterprise throughout the province, in order to implement the innovation-driven strategy, accelerate the cultivation of innovation-oriented enterprise, strengthen the core competitiveness of middle and small-sized enterprises, improve the quality and benefits of middle and small-sized enterprises and facilitate the path of endogenous growth driven by innovation for middle and small-sized enterprises. Following the application filed by enterprises, recommendation by different parties and on-site investigation, JEITC finally identified 60 enterprises including our company as Jiangsu Little Giant Enterprise in Science and Technology in 2018.

    Jiangsu Beier Machinery High efficiency, energy saving extrusion line (large diameter)

    Jiangsu Beier Machinery plastic washing and recycling production line (high capacity)

    Jiangsu Beier Machinery intelligent compounding and conveying system

    European standard full automatic blow molding system

    Jiangsu Beier machinery is the leading brand of plastic machinery manufacturer in China. Beier has a strong R&D team which is composed by professionals from European and China. We are very grateful to JEITC (Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission) for this honor. We will constantly improve our technical strength to create value for more customers.

    BEIER Machinery
    ADD:North 2nd ring road No.318, Economic development zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China.