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    The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

    Beier machinery has great start in Chinaplas2018

    Time:2018-05-04 14:44

    It is the first time that Chinaplas2018 be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai, China from 24th to 27th April 2018. As an annual grand event, it attracts more than 4000 exhibitors from all over the world. This exhibition area is over 320 thousands square meters which is more than 30% compared to the year 2016. More organized and well guided exhibition halls provides professional and high-quality platform for the audience.

    In Chinaplas2018, Beier Group has 2 booths . Beier machinery is in the hall6.1, T01, exhibiting the three-layer co-extrusion intelligent  gas pipe extrusion line and the highly demanded PP/PE soft material granulation system. Bestar is in the hall8.1, L67, exhibiting the fully automatic intelligent blow molding machine and it is commissioning during the exhibition.

    The National Convention and Exhibition Center is a shape of four leaves with 0 meter, 8 meter and 16 meter level which can cover more audience. However, visitors will be gathered in the center first, then move to other place and other stages. Therefore, if your booth is far from center, the visitors will take longer time to reach you. We had anticipated this disadvantage, so we start promotion campaign a month ago before the show. Our sales team invited customers to visit Chinaplas2018 by email or phone. Besides, our marketing department booked a huge advertisement board at the entrance of south hall to guide visitors to locate us. It works, at the first day of the exhibition, a continuous stream of customers reach to Beier/Bestar booth.

    As the vice president unit of the China plastics machinery industry association, Beier Machinery is icon of the developing trends and engineering level in China plastic industry. At the exhibition, many medias from plastic industry came to Beier booth and are very interested in our development. Well will continue innovate and keep producing more energy saving, high efficiency, environmental and intelligent products.

    The world's greatest sell method is to help customers sincerely. Beier always treat every customer sincerely and make them satisfied with our professional skills and honest attitude. We wish Beier achieve great success in the exhibition. 

    BEIER Machinery
    ADD:North 2nd ring road No.318, Economic development zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China.