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    The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

    BEIER MACHINERY MPP production lines are successfully running in SUNSHINE ELECTRIC POWER TUBE INDUSTRY

    Time:2017-09-21 17:10

    9th July, 2017, the commencement ceremony of JIANGSU SUNSHINE ELECTRIC POWER TUBE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was successfully held in Taizhou. As a important partner of SUNSHINE INDUSTRY, JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY CO.,LTD was invited to attend the ceremony. These latest designed MPP pipe extrusion lines are supplied by BEIER MACHINERY. SUNSHINE INDUSTRY is a well-known domestic electric power tubes supplier. It is very strict on quality control and believes that high quality products come from high quality machines. After comparing several competitors, it finally chooses BEIER MACHINERY as its supplier of MPP pipe extrusion lines.

    BEIER MACHINERY extrusion line has advantages of high speed, power saving and stability. It is more efficient and power saving than similar products that can help customers win bigger economic benefits.

    BEIER MACHINERY congratulates the successful running of MPP extrusion lines in SUNSHINE INDUSTRY. We hope to have further cooperation in other projects in the future. BEIER MACHINERY will provide customers with high quality plastic machines and best services.

    BEIER Machinery
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